Our Vision

iJet Technologies transforms legacy aviation business processes from an inflexible, hardware-centric architecture to a flexible, modular, open software and services infrastructure.

Our Products

iJet Technologies integrates aircraft operational data, IP communication links and airline ground systems into a single, extensible solution that is capable of handling large amounts of streaming data both in real time and post flight. This integrated approach enables scalable operational applications and analytics that provide quantifiable financial value in the air, on the ground, and across all organizational units.

Product Highlights

Acquires, transforms and integrates aircraft data easily and cost effectively to improve business processes across all airline organizational units

Isolates downstream airline business processes from upstream changes in aircraft and communications technology to reduce costs and minimize vendor dependencies

Uses standard technology and application programming interfaces (API’s) to allow aircraft data to be utilized in information systems across multiple organizational units

Gives airlines the flexibility to continually update systems, applications and controls without recertification or hardware replacement

Software Development Kit (SDK) allows easy access to platform functionality for 3rd party and airline application development, reporting and data integration

Includes a System Health Monitoring Tool to enable end-to-end troubleshooting across hardware, software and communication links

Multi-Link Management selects the optimal link according to a set of business rules defined by the airline customer to provide the most cost effective communication path

Supports multiple IP based communications technologies, including L-Ku-Ka band satellite, 3G/4G cellular, and Wi-Fi

How it Works

The iJet solution begins with the iJet Platform which includes a software package onboard each aircraft connected via IP links to an intelligent ground system. The airborne platform integrates aircraft and ground data with EFB and Cabin devices while applying business logic and analytics to airborne data in real time. The ground system aggregates aircraft data, connects to ground based applications and analytics, integrates to corporate back end systems and moves data up to the aircraft using similar business logic.


iJet Platform

Application and Data Services

The Intelligent Aircraft

Business Highlights

  • The iJet solution is delivered via direct and indirect channels based on a recurring Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model in order to maximize ROI, while minimizing both Payback Period and CapEx requirements

  • The open platform features iJet applications, 3rd party applications as well as internal solutions

  • iJet estimates a 5X Benefit to Cost ratio to ensure a strong financial return to the airline customer

Our Team

iJet Technologies has assembled a world-class team that includes industry veterans in aviation, telecommunications, finance, digital technology, enterprise architecture and data management.
Meet the Team

Careers / Current Openings

We are always looking for good candidates and people that are smarter than us. We are a software company that thinks outside of the box. Imagine being able to say you were part of the team who transformed commercial aviation! If you share our passion for bringing innovation to aviation then we’d love to speak with you about employment opportunities.


Contact Us

Industry professionals are invited to contact us at any time. iJet welcomes inquires relating to partnerships, affiliates, technical information, and service requests. Please be in touch regarding specific needs or applications you may require.

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